4 Benefits Of Choosing A Shaded Place While Parking

How many times have you had to choose between several parking lots?

Most people do not spend much time thinking about it and pick the one that is easier to park in and drive out when needed.

Yet there are reasons for leaving your vehicle in a shaded place. Let us take a closer look at what they are.

1Watch out for the heat.

When you park your car in direct sunlight, it gets very hot inside, and so do all the surfaces exposed to sun rays. It is especially dangerous if your car’s interior features leather. Even if you do not wear shorts, your legs and other parts of the body will not be pleased with such a warm welcome.


2Hot steering wheel.

Seats are not the only car elements that get really hot when made of leather and left in direct sunlight. If you happen to wear jeans, your lower part is more or less safe, but there’s still the steering wheel, and if you touch it, you are likely to singe yourself.

3Sunlight causes fading and damages interior.

There are lots of elements in the car interior that can be damaged by long periods of exposure to sunlight. For instance, your dashboard can crack or melt, and the paint is likely to start fading. Make sure not to leave your smartphones in the sun too, as sunbathing isn’t beneficial for them.


4Avoiding the dangers of BPA impact.

Plastics used in car interiors contain BPA, which is a toxic chemical, so when such a material gets hot, aromas that are harmful to health may be released. All the above mentions reasons are good enough to park your car in some shade, so if you have several options, try to leave your car where there’s no direct sunlight.