5 Dangers Lurking at the Local Car Wash

Almost everyone has used the local car wash services at least once in a life.

It is convenient and lets you avoid washing your vehicle by hand, the process you rarely have time for, but there are many a danger that lie behind automated car washes.

Even with new technologies implemented, car washes pose a threat to your car, and here is why.

1Dirty scrubbers.

Faded Clear Coat | Micah Wright/Autos Cheat Sheet
When humans are concerned, there’s almost always a room for mistakes. Scrubbers, even if made with soft materials, must be cleaned often, as the dirt removed from other vehicles tends to build up and can damage your car paint. If the scrubbers are dirty, there’s a chance of scratching your vehicle.

2Wheel and tyre damage.

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As your car is caught by the guard rails that make your vehicle more straight to the exit, your alloy wheels get damaged, and so do the tyres. Note that the car wash management is not held liable for such cases, as they warn about it by displaying special signs, so do not expect any refunds.


Image via TodayAutoNews
It’s not a car wash’s fault that corrosion can devour your car, but they often forget to pay enough attention to cleaning the underside of cars, so salt often affects the surface and leads to corrosion. To avoid accidents because of it, use a simple garden hose to clean your car, and don’t forget to bathe the chassis!

4Broken antenna or wipers.

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Old car models have an antenna type that is extendable, so they are easily broken when hit by the rollers. Another part that can be damaged or broken is wipers. Even if they do not fall to pieces, the shape of the wipers may be changed, which will lead to low quality cleaning.

5Chance of burning.

Image via Wall Street Journal
The substance called hydrofluoric acid is a cleaning chemical that is used for removing grime, rust and other matters from wheels; it has a high burn rate, and led to 48 serious cases of burning in Washington, all of which happened to those working at car washes. This acid is capable of damaging paint and even glass.